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(1 Litre for 1500 Litre Tank Capacity), Available Pack Size – 1 Litre

Prevents Clogs and back-Ups

Roebic K-37 Septic Tank Cleaner is made up of bacteria to provide a concentrated attack on clogged areas relieving overloaded septic tanks and drain field.
K-37 is used to correct Septic Systems, Urinal and drain systems that are Sluggish, without damaging drain parts, disposal systems and porcelain because K-37 does not contain chemicals or corrosive materials.


  • Used at night before retiring

  • Shake Thoroughly. Pour the entire contents into the toilet bowl & Flush.

  • Reduce use of toilets, sinks, baths and washers after applying K-37

  • K-37 takes approximately 6-8 weeks to form a massive culture, which provides extra biological activities.

  • After system is restored to normal, it is recommended to use K-37 every 3 months to prevent future problems.

  • Recommended to use Roebic natural toilet cleaner along with K-37

  • If clogging is due to foreign bodies like hair, plastic, latex, paper, cotton, metal, objects, stone etc., this biological formulation may not be effective.

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