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ROETECH 106 is highly concentrated spore mixture of six patented non-pathogenic bacillus bacteria cultures. Each strains produces multiple enzymes resulting in an extremely powerful biological treatment product.


This Formulation is designed for use in all biological treatment systems including domestic/residential waste management system such as Terracotta pots, FRP bins etc.
ROETECH 106 can be used in open drainages for biological solid waste degradation.


Use 5 to 10 grams per 1KG of waste depending on the pH. Aerate the mixture once ROETECH 106 is added. It's recommended to spray Roebic order Eliminator (ROE), a natural enzyme after aeration to neutralize the foul smell.


Please avoid chemical, kerosene, paint, chlorine water etc., as this may slow down or even prevent the growth of bacteria. Harmful if taken internally. Keep out reach of Children.

Special Instruction

Extra moisture or water content may slow the degradation process. If there is extra moisture, Please add some Saw Dust to the mixture and aerate.

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