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Odor Eliminator

  • Eliminates odor in live stock buildings & waste water lagoons

  • Reduce ammonia, sulfade & mercaptan odors

  • Natural enzyme formulation

  • Bacterial free

  • Retains natural values

  • 100 % safe around humans and livestock

  • 100% safe for the environment

  • Not a Perfume or masking agent

  • NO Pollution concern.

  • No Health Concern

  • Improved environment for humans and animals

  • Easier breathing for livestock & humans

  • More manure spread on fields

  • No Contamination

  • No cover-up smells

  • Versatile. Easy to Apply

  • Natural biodegradation process

Concentrated natural and eco-friendly enzyme for the treatment of organic odors associated with organic waste degradation, for FAST odor neutralization. Tested and proven safe to degrade and eliminate odors in public bathrooms, Railroad bathrooms, livestock breeding houses, animal barns, feed lots, lagoons, pits, slaughter house floor applications etc. Ideal to be sprayed during spreading operations of municipal waste. Contains natural enzymes and surfactants.

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