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Altima Technologies Pvt Ltd. Kochi, India has become the leading supplier for BioCer, BioTec, Roebic and Roetech brands to the Hyper Markets, Hotels, Resorts, Flat Systems, Home centers, Hardware & Plumbing supply distributors, Hospitality & Institutional foodservice industry, Municipal & Private Waste Management Plants, Agro and Organic Fertilizer industry throughout India and foreign markets.

Affiliate of iTec Global LLC. and Roebic Laboratories Inc., USA., the largest formulators for Environmentally Safe Products for over decades. Roebic and Roetech brands are marketed in USA, Canada, Europe, South East Asia and for over 26 years in India. The Natural, Bio-degradable and Eco-Friendly bacteria cultures in BioCer, BioTec, Roebic and Roetech products are capable of digesting and liquefying organic waste in Septic Systems, Cesspools, Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, de-clogging of Marine Holding Tanks (Shipping vessels, House Boats, Yachts), even Combating Oil Spills etc..

We also offer outdoor recreational line of products for the treatment of RV & Marine Holding Tanks, Grey Water Treatment as well as a Composter Accelerator for Residential organic kitchen waste management, Gardens, Golf courses, Parks, etc. The non-pathogenic & environmentally safe bacteria cultures aggressively break down and digest the fats, oils, greases, proteins, starch and cellulose accumulated in the organic waste into beneficial minerals and water eliminating embarrassing odors for a Cleaner, Greener, Healthier Environment..

We are uniquely positioned to formulate products for the specific needs of our customers. Ongoing research and development by experienced microbiologists has resulted in the development of many specialized products for Organic Wastewater treatment, Agricultural, and Commercial/Industrial applications.


The Manufacturing Process used to make BioCer, BioRotec, ROEBIC & ROTECH brand products are continuously redefined and modified with the goal of consistently achieving the highest levels of quality.

Rapid Quality Control procedures are also in place and quality inspections occur at many points in the Production process.

Improvements in bacterial cell yields have resulted in greater efficiencies and stronger products that are more capable of handling the increasing demands placed on them by our customers.


Most importantly, our products deliver outstanding value to our customers. Superior patented technology, highest quality and proven effectiveness all combine to provide the right product at the best cost to the end user.


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25+ Years Experience

  • Exclusive Distributor in India and Middle East for BioCer, BioTec, Roebic & Roetech Eco-friendly products.
  • The First Company in India to Introduce, Non - Pathogenic Natural, Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly products for Organic Waste Management.
  • A registered Private Limited Company Located in Kochi, India.
  • Committed in Quality and Excellence
  • Dedicated to Exceptional Customer Service
  • Committed to "Live Green" for a "Cleaner, Greener, Healthier Environment"