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BioCer A307 Septic Tank Treatment is made up of bacteria to provide a concentrated attack on clogged areas relieving overloaded septic tanks and drain field.
BioCer A307 is used to correct Septic Systems, Urinal and drain systems that are sluggish, without damaging drain pipes, disposal systems and porcelain because A307 does not contain chemicals or corrosive materials.
  • Use at night before retiring.
  • Shake thoroughly. Pour the entire contents into the toilet bowl & Flush.
  • Reduce use of toilets, sinks, baths and washers after applying A307.
  • A307 takes approximately 6-8 weeks to form a massive culture, which provides extra biological activities.
  • After system is restored to normal, it is recommended to use A307 every 6 months to prevent future problems.
  • Keep your septic system safe by avoiding use of chemical based toilet bowl cleaners. Use Natural Toilet Cleaner for better result.
  • If clogging is due to foreign bodies like plastic, latex, metal objects, stone etc., this biological formulation may not be effective.
  • Septic Tanks should consist of a mixture of organic sludge and water for the bacteria to be effective.


Keep out of reach of children, If consumed, drink plenty of water and immediately seek medical help.