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Available Pack Size – 100ml, 1Litre, 5 Litre
Roebic K-67 Liquid drains and traps cleaner with patented ROETECH bacteria.

Roebic drain & Trap cleaner is a powerful non- corrosive and natural drain cleaning provide that works through the power of bacterial action. Organic debris can buildup in drains and traps. Add K-67 to reopen drains and traps clogged by grease, soap and food particles in your house, hotels, restaurants, theatres etc. to keep kitchen and Bath Sinks, Tubs, Showers, Urinal drains, Laundry drains, Floor drains & traps running freely with a monthly application. K-67 is safe for your plumping Systems.
  • Use at night before retiring
  • Use minimum 50ml. depending on the slow drain or block &U trap capacity
  • Use directly in all drainage systems to open and clear clogs from organic buildup & derbis
  • Do not run water immediately into your drainage systems after adding K-67 DTC
  • Monthly application is recommended for best results
  • If Clogging is due to foreign bodies like Plastic, Latex, Cotton, Metal objects, Stone etc., this biological formulation may not be effective.


Keep out of reach of children, If consumed, drink plenty of water and immediately seek medical help.